dissabte, 30 de gener de 2010

The black dog in the bed

The girl was sitting down alone on her bed. Next to a huge black dog. She had also been with the dog on the sofa, in the kitchen, at school... and now it was on her bed, staring at her and speaking slowly.

-Why are you crying?
-I'd like to know it.
-Don't be stupid, you perfectly know it.

She thought the dog was going to stay there for many days. Or maybe only one.

(Inspirat en el vídeo de la Laia a psicologia i de pas practicant pel writing del First)
Corregit gràcies a la Carina, el writing serà heavy..

3 comentaris:

  1. pel writing del first tan curtet no et farà massa servei ehh! xDDD
    i hi ha algunes coses per arreglar, crec.. ara no la vull cagar massa ehh xD però no seria sitting ON her bed..?
    i she had also BEEN with... ON the sofa... AT school... staring AT her...
    i perfectly no porta LL...

    no see ehh! potser me'n vaig per la parra xDDD


  2. J'ai aussi le FCE, et comme ta je aussi suit trés nerveux avec ma compositon écrit.
    Je te souhaite de bonne note.
    Au revoir