dijous, 4 de febrer de 2010

Leaving can be living

Mark opened the envelope, read the letter and immediately started to pack his bag. This letter had been his chance to change his life. He needed it. He still had Lola's words in his head. "You and me. We are not what you thing we are. Forgive me, please." - said she in a quiet voice. He had never understood the way she used to say important things. But she had something that made him crazy. Her smile, her brown eyes, her illogical behaviour... She always got what she wanted from him.
Simon's letter inviting him to visit his NGO in India was the perfect excuse. He would forget her. Or maybe it was only what he thought he was going to do.
Mark put few things in his bag. All in his flat had a stupid memory of Lola. He didn't want to carry her during his trip. Finally he finished packing his bag and made a quickly look to his small (but also lovely) flat in London's centre. Deeply, on his mind he perfectly known that he would never came back. A new life was waiting for him. "India, it sounds good" - said with a soft smile on his lips while he was closing the door.

Ja està fet el writing. Em donaven el començament i va sortir això...

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  1. és interessant, com a història, i això ho valoren força, a part de si està ben escrit i tot això:)
    ja saps que ara no estic per mirar-m'ho molt a fons oi?? xd
    em petarà el cap!!! però mola :)

    un petonàssss